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Welcome to The Urban Financial Services Coalition San Francisco Bay Area
Chapter website.

The Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) is a non-profit organization of minority professionals employed in the financial services industry and related fields. UFSC, formerly known as the National Association of Urban Bankers, was established in New York in 1974 and incorporated in 1977. Prior to its founding, minority banking professionals had organized local banking groups to meet needs bypassed by existing national banking organizations.

When bankers from different parts of the country began to discover the value of sharing information among associates from city to city, they organized local chapters into a national network under the umbrella of UFSC. The UFSC has 38 chapters in the U.S. and Canada with nearly 2000 members. In May 2000, the organization expanded to encompass the entire financial service industry and changed its name to reflect its industry-wide focus.

To ensure the full and equitable participation of people of color at all levels in the financial services industry.

Mission Statement
To be the preeminent resource organization in the financial services industry that provides professional development programs, supports educational advancement and promotes economic empowerment for its members and minority communities at large.

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